Rode NTG-1, 3m Boom Pole & Rode Blimp Bundle -A Rode NTG-1 with added accessories, this bundles features the Rode NTG-1 shotgun microphone plus added accessories; a Rode 3m boom pole and a Rode ‘Blimp’; complete windshield and shockmount in one. The NTG-1 is designed for applications within the film, video, television, voice-over and ENG industries.

Rode NTG-1 Shotgun Condenser Microphone [code: mic-con-rodntg1]

The RØDE NTG-1 is a lightweight condenser shotgun microphone, specifically designed for professional applications within the film, video, television, voice-over and ENG industries.

The NTG-1 provides an electronically balanced output stage and operates on 48V to the P48 standard. The NTG-1 offers wide bandwidth and a controlled polar response coupled with low noise SMT electronics. The NTG-1 is extremely lightweight making it ideal for mounting directly to video cameras (with optional accessories) or a Boom pole.

The NTG-1 comes complete with mount and windshield. The supplied windscreen effectively suppresses wind noise when recording outdoors in moderate conditions. Optional accessories are available for more demanding applications.

Rode NTG-1 Features

Broadcast sound quality
Low noise circuitry
Condenser transducer
Rugged metal construction
Low weight – 105g (3 oz.)
Low handling noise
Rode Boom Pole 3m [code: mic-con-rbpole]

The RØDE Boompole is a high grade professional boom pole for location recording, machined from high grade aluminium. The boom pole allows you to mount your microphone securely and swivel it in a range of directions that will allow you to easily change positions and follow your sound source.

Rode Blimp Windshield/ Shockmount [code: rodeblimp]

The RØDE Blimp is a complete windshield and shock mounting accessory for the NTG-1, NTG-2 and NTG-3 microphones, as well as any third party shotgun microphone up to 325mm in length.

The Rode Blimp uses a dual-hoop, fully adjustable suspension system which greatly reduces handling and wind noise. This quick adjustability is not found on any other models of windscreen and ends the need for different sized mounts for each model of microphone you may use. The included handgrip makes it easy to aim and control on the fly or can adapt to a boompole (3/8″) when needed. Included with the system is a Dead Wombat furry windcover that is placed over the Blimp to increase wind attenuation.

Rode Blimp Features

Greatly reduces handling and wind noise
Accommodates most shotgun microphones up to 325mm (12 ¾”) in length
Adjustable dual hoop suspension system
Attaches to boompole via 3/8″ thread attachment at the base
Dead Wombat windshield and tail cable included
Ten year warranty*
Winner of a 2009 Red Dot Award and Australian International Design Award for outstanding product design